Love your website.

Set your website free. Let people experience your content where, when, and how they want.

Right now there’s a revolution in website design. People in the web design business know it, but outside the business the change is going largely unnoticed because it’s a two prong revolution.

If you look at the history of computing, devices are always getting smaller and more mobile. The first digital electronic computer was built shortly after World War II and occupied 1,800 square feet, used more than 17,000 vacuum tubes, and weighed almost 50 tons.

The iPhone 5 is .3 inches thick, weighs 4 ounces, and it’s more powerful than that first computer.

Web design is responding — finally! — to mobile computing devices

Until we had smart phones, tablets, and other mobile computers with web browsers, web designers largely ignored how websites were viewed on these non-desktop devices. If attention was paid, separate mobile sites got built.

Today, a growing number of web designers and developers are building websites that respond to the devices people use, whatever they are.

If you’re looking to save money in the long run, because your website will adapt to any mobile web browser, you have to set your website free. It’s going to look different on desktop, iPad, iPhone, or any smartphone.

But that’s okay, because the second prong of the website revolution is that content is more important. People are coming to your website to get things done. They want interesting, informative content, so don’t worry if your website doesn’t look exactly the same on a phone as it does on a 27 inch desktop screen.

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